Winter Holds On [Audio]: A Follow Up Post

Sometimes the believer’s heart sings its sweetest and most powerful songs to the Lord while hanging vulnerably in the place of pain. We tend to lift our richest words when we’re most poor, outwardly.

Stripped and bare and alone.

In the cold barrenness of winter.

Yet these are the songs – sung in the age of faith – that pierce the Lord’s heart like no others.

In this audio clip, I talk about the test when winter holds on and the impact we have on the heart of the Lord when we sing there – with trusting love and without offense.

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  • LisaK.

    Beautiful…wonderful soothing words for the weary winter heart….
    Thanks for the perspective that we often forget ..this is not a one sided relationship…There are two hearts involved… the thought alone that Christ longs for our affection and praise is overwhelming and magnificient!
    Lisa K.

  • disqus_hMCXMQDqoz

    “There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God”. Your words so often articulate my world when I have none! This brings a balm of healing, His healing presence! Thanku!

    Rachel P

  • riz

    I couldn’t begin to describe how accurately Dana put my season into words. So precious. So thankful to the Holy Spirit that I came across this post. 🙂