Come Let Us Adore Him

Behold Him, born on a bleak night in the town of Bethlehem, on the outskirts of the city, in the dark and in the cold. There He lay in the manger, a baby so vulnerable, so little, so dependent and … Read more

The Sacred Shadow of the Cross

For long centuries has the Cross of Christ been the most precious meditation of the saints and the myrrh of His sufferings been the powerful fragrance that lingers longest in the heart that considers Him. For me, even in these … Read more

Man of Sorrows Part Two

Jesus’ familiarity with suffering was deeply married to His foreignness to sin. When He who was Love incarnate stood amidst the crowds of His day, He was without sin and thus without the root system of pride and arrogance. When … Read more

Man of Sorrows

Jesus. Look upon Him. Despised and rejected by men, so humble is His appearance and so meek is His countenance. A Man of sorrows and familiar with suffering. Look long at Him, for we are of the same hearts of … Read more

Chased Down

I don’t know that I have ever read the poem, “The Hound of Heaven” before…though I have heard the phrase many a time. Yesterday, my family sat together at New Life Church in Colorado Springs after our weekend of celebrating … Read more

Most Potent Love

Yesterday we sang through Song of Solomon 1 on Grace Kim’s Worship with the Word set. As we ascribed to the Lord His worth, so much better than wine or any other earthly pleasure, as we testified of having tasted … Read more

Receiving the Rain

 Pouring rain and a cloudy afternoon in the quiet of naptime’s hush. Ahhhhh. Jesus loves to slow us down with the weather and somehow my heart always is surprised to find a lifting of a certain pressure whenever the clouds … Read more