When We Feel Misunderstood by Others

I left a conversation recently with that stinging emotion that I always try to avoid: I’d been misunderstood. Misread. Misinterpreted. Few things bother me more. One of the vey hardest things for the human heart is when we’re misunderstood. I’ve been … Read more

Why Voluntary Weakness Strengthens Us

It was twenty years ago that I paced back-and-forth, alone in that field, waiting. Watching. Praying. Sometimes with tears. Sometimes with just the open spaces of quiet and stillness. I’d felt His invitation to come after Him — felt the … Read more

To the Moms: When the Arrows Fly

To all the Moms: I know firsthand, together with you, how the accusations can fly right at our weaknesses, our gaps, our insufficiencies. And most times, we’re the first to agree with them. We know we’re not wise enough, strong … Read more

How Vulnerability to God Stabilizes Us

Life can sneak up on us with shakings that leave us scared stiff, or at the very least, overwhelmed. Pressures swell to deafening levels with all the storms and stresses of life. Bills rise. Bodies break. Losses wound. Relationships fail. … Read more

The Resolution to Desire Him

The opening of the new year and the lingering quiet of January is always a sacred space to me. It’s a time to reflect and renew and recalibrate. And always at the top of my reflections and prayers for renewed fervor … Read more

When the Path Disappoints

  At the middle of my life I’ve found moments of panicky hesitance I didn’t know I would – a sense of anxious disappointment I didn’t expect. If I’m honest, facing forty has left me skidding my feet against the pavement … Read more

When He Turns Shame to Radiance

He didn’t mean to unearth it, didn’t know it was hiding so deep beneath the surface, out of sight and decades in the shadows. But that’s what love does, it presses in so close and so invasively, that fears and … Read more