When Our Prayers Feel Barren

I went to tuck my daughter in last night and as I laid beside her in her bed, what I thought would just be a kiss-goodnight turned into one of those precious exchanges—when my little girl would open and spill … Read more

Stirring the Fire of First Love

I was young when I resolved to love the Lord with all my heart, soul, mind and strength. I was brave and my vision was clear of any fog that seems to settle without warning over the years. I made … Read more

The Ache for Righteousness is Love

I know the ache so well.  It’s come more times than I can count – sometimes poignant, sometimes just with that lingering sigh beneath the movements of my day. Often it rises with the remorse over my tone with my kids – why … Read more

When We Feel Misunderstood by Others

I left a conversation recently with that stinging emotion that I always try to avoid: I’d been misunderstood. Misread. Misinterpreted. Few things bother me more. One of the vey hardest things for the human heart is when we’re misunderstood. I’ve been … Read more

Why Voluntary Weakness Strengthens Us

It was twenty years ago that I paced back-and-forth, alone in that field, waiting. Watching. Praying. Sometimes with tears. Sometimes with just the open spaces of quiet and stillness. I’d felt His invitation to come after Him — felt the … Read more

To the Moms: When the Arrows Fly

To all the Moms: I know firsthand, together with you, how the accusations can fly right at our weaknesses, our gaps, our insufficiencies. And most times, we’re the first to agree with them. We know we’re not wise enough, strong … Read more