When We Forget Who We are to Him

He draws near to my heart uplifted and does what I don’t expect. Swiftly, He blows with that breath like wind, and then I see what I couldn’t see before. Flying with the gust of His breath scatter the little … Read more

Why We Have to Know We’re His Favorite

She looked at me with those dancing eyes, her heart at the surface. She’d just whispered her secret in my ear, safe from her siblings’ hearing. “I’m His favorite,” she spilled confidence as pure as it comes. It was the … Read more

What We Really Have to Do When We’re in Pain

Tears spill heavy and I am torn in a moment’s time – torn as we all are when pain sears hot and we’re forced into the quandary that presses: What will I do with this heartache? Where will I run? The trouble with … Read more

In Your Twenties, Dig a Well in Prayer

Alone and lonely, driving aimlessly down roads that were not yet home. It was not long after that day at eighteen, when I’d hugged my parents goodbye and braved the new horizon of on-my-own. All the years of countless one-on-one … Read more