Why We Need Capacity for God More than Ever

I hadn’t seen it before, the way I’d been leaving Him there, waiting. Ironically, I thought I was the one waiting on Him and He the one delaying in answer. Then it dawned on me. I’d lost capacity. And He … Read more

When He Comes in the Hunger (Part 1)

Time stood still, a deep inward groan somehow managing to drown out the sounds of my kids at play in the backyard and pull me from the dinner preparations sprawled before me, half-readied. The ache that leaves me immobile at … Read more

A Time to Mourn

We were made for a story and the human heart longs and yearns to play a deep and lasting role in a grand epic tale. Each of us not only wants to hear the story, we not only want to … Read more

Present Tense Fellowship

“It is to your advantage that I go away…” (Jn. 16:7). Oh words in red, so inarguably true for do they not spill forth from the mouth of Truth Himself? Yet just the same, these words have been at times … Read more