Loving Jesus and His Return [Video]

Whether we call it eschatology or end-times, sometimes we distance ourselves from the subject of Jesus’ Return without even realizing it. Our hesitance could be due to the  the many differing opinions that arise, or the strange symbols we see in the book … Read more

Don’t Wait to Pour out Your Prayers

Circumstances can be such that we quit breathing. Fear, or anxiety, or pain, serve us a blow and we hold our breath, unwittingly — our prayers caught somewhere in our throats. We forget the oxygen of lifting our voice to the … Read more

The Golden Strand that Changes Everything

He sits looking over the balcony, weaving as He watches. A golden strand in His hand, He weaves it into the garment as an eternal witness of this moment…this flash of time. Garments interwoven with gold (Ps. 45: 13, 14). … Read more

The Glitter and Tinsel of Bethlehem

We don’t even know what to do with the Nativity story (Lk. 2:1-20). We never have. We’ve romanticized it for the children and glittered it in such a way that they might somehow think it’s wonderful to be born among … Read more

All that Cools the Flame

Anything that cools the flames of love, John Wesley said, that is what ‘the world’ is. The little phrase has stayed with me all week. For in our approach to passages like the following, we often treat the world as … Read more

Altogether Lovely

His beauty stretches a spectrum So vastly beyond the eye’s perception Involving extremes so rarely embraced in entirety. His loveliness spans heights and depths Excessively above the minds comprehension A distance so wideranging Making rare the heart that adores Him … Read more