What We Really Have to Do When We’re in Pain

Tears spill heavy and I am torn in a moment’s time – torn as we all are when pain sears hot and we’re forced into the quandary that presses: What will I do with this heartache? Where will I run? The trouble with … Read more

In Your Twenties, Dig a Well in Prayer

Alone and lonely, driving aimlessly down roads that were not yet home. It was not long after that day at eighteen, when I’d hugged my parents goodbye and braved the new horizon of on-my-own. All the years of countless one-on-one … Read more

Why Every Test is More than Just Survival

Sometimes you hang in midair terrified, feeling your frailty as though freefalling, unsure if there will be someone to catch you below. Life sneaks up on all of us with circumstances that leave us scared stiff, or at the very … Read more

Two Sounds in the Storm that Touch our Souls

The thunder crashed in the early morning, and I shuddered at the sound, so near. But I had heard the rumblings first from the distance, and that’s when the tears welled, His presence washing. The night before had left the … Read more

When You’re Weary in the Race

Tears streamed this morning as I found in my inbox one of those notes that have marked me from childhood till now – a note from my Dad. He wrote in essence to say, “You’re doing it! Don’t give up! Keep coming! It’s … Read more