Giving Our Children the Gift of a Burning Heart [Audio]

It’s December.

It’s that month of the year with the greatest paradox of speed and slowness — when we set our hearts to linger together in love, wonder and awe at the One who came to us (and is coming again), and yet, simultaneously, life barrels us over in busyness — with the force of a mighty freight train.

And somewhere in the midst of these collisions, as our children get bumped along with us, bombarded with the busyness and yet wonder-eyed by the moments when the mystery of God-with-us actually hits home, there’s something we want to give them above all else — something not just for December but for every month of the year.

Whether in Advent or in Summer, Spring or Fall, every single day of the year, if we were to drill down — to get deep into the heart of what we long to give them most — We would give them the gift of a burning heart. 

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