Wordless Words of God in Bethlehem

What God has spoken about Himself in the face of the Christ-Child, the Baby in the manger, is true of Him from all eternity past, true of Him throughout His life in the First Coming, true of Him as He sits now at the right hand of the Father, ever interceding, and will remain true of Him when He splits the skies at His soon Appearing. The Baby in the manger has much to speak to lowly hearts, much to convey to hungry souls and any who will heed so tiny a voice.

As I crouch beside the shepherds and peer in to the cave, heart pounding in the weight of what the angels from on high have just proclaimed, I find Him there with wordless words, speaking so many things to me. He says, “You thought I was too far and too distant, too aloof and too indifferent to be known. You thought that you were too weak or too broken to be received by Me. But behold, I am here in this dingy cave—I the One who created all things—I am here so close to you in this cold night, with only these poor ones as my company. You thought I was unapproachable, oh but you were mistaken greatly. See how I have come to you in the form of a weak and vulnerable baby? Shall you fear a baby or think him to not want you in his presence? No! You shall embrace him before his arms are strong enough to embrace you in return. You shall hold him fast to you in love without the smallest inkling of rejection. Babies do not reject another and who would not rush into the honor of holding so accessible a human frame? This is what I whisper to you about my nature from of old in the fragile vulnerability of my infancy. I am as approachable and embraceable as a newborn babe and My reception of you without rejection is as sure as a receiving infant in ones arms. Oh come near, come near to Me. Gaze upon this glory of God revealed in My face. Believe that I tell you mysteries that have been kept secret since the foundations of the world about My humility and meekness, My tenderness and mercy. Gaze upon Immanuel now with you and let your heart be assured of My unchanging love..My tenderness toward you…and My constant receiving of your love.”

And I, kneeling in the dust of this darkened cave, tears streaming down my face, am confronted by a God so tender and so merciful, so approachable and so near, that I can only gaze with trembling tears and let my heart be washed by wave after wave of so scandalous and glorious a Truth—that this One is God and this is what God is like. Sitting in the silence I stretch out my hand to His tiny frame and ponder how close He allows me to come, how He does not shun my presence or shield Himself from my love and worship of Him. Oh who am I to be so near to You and yet You would that I would come even nearer in heart and love. O Christ-Child so tender, You have so many things to tell me and so many truths to convince me of. I will wait here long on this Silent Night and let Your wordless speech pierce my heart over and over and over again.

“For it is the God who commanded light to shine out of darkness, who has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.” II Corinthians 4:6