A Little About Me

My story begins with an awakening of my heart to the jealousy and passion of Jesus as a twenty year old. Though He’d had my heart since I was four, I had never known anything so personal, so fierce as His jealous love for me as I was encountering week after week sitting in teachings on the First Commandment and the Song of Solomon. That He is a Bridegroom with deep affections and holy zeal for His people personally got me. It messed me up. And it birthed a resolve in my heart to love Him as He had already loved me: wholeheartedly.

Not long afterwards, I met Matt Candler, a man as consumed with the vision of loving Jesus with his all as I was. We fell in love and got married at a speed that still makes my heart race, and more than two decades later he remains my best friend and the love of my life. We have four children, each amazing in their uniqueness and hunger for the Lord.

Matt and I have had the privilege of serving on the leadership team of the International House of Prayer since its beginning in 1999. He and I currently serve as the Prayer Directors at the International House of Prayer University, where I teach regularly on subjects such as intimacy with Jesus, growing in prayer, the Sermon on the Mount, and Song of Solomon. I also love to write and have authored three books: Deep Unto Deep, Entirety, and Longing for His Return –  with another title to be released in 2022! –  and am a contributing author to The Rewards of Fasting by Mike Bickle.

My passion in life hasn’t changed since those days as a twenty year old when I set my heart to give Him everything, and though life has held many things unexpected, all these years later my testimony remains: His jealous love never dwindles, and there is nothing I’d rather give Him than my all.

Join me as I seek His beauty, as I write my way by His grace into new insights of His heart, new discoveries of His unsearchable riches, and new understandings of His glorious story—and ours together with Him.

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  1. Hi Dana. We were referred to you by Bob Sorge. We are looking for a speaker for our worship and arts conference on Thursday August 23 and was wondering if this might be of interest to you. Our speaker dropped out due to injury and are looking for someone to speak on the topic of “fresh oil”. Might this be of interest to you. You can find out more about our conference at http://www.karitos.org. Bob is a friend of ours and has spoken at our 24 year old arts conference many times. If God tells both of us this is a good fit, we can pay for your travel and lodging, but the honorarium will only be about $500. You can e-mail me at zach@karitos.org if this is of interest to you. Thanks!

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