Meeting the Eyes of Tenacious Kindness

He came to me with those eyes again, and they pierced right through me. He came and shined His light on those subtle and even sometimes hidden fears and accusations that arise in times of weakness and become a shielding … Read more

The Great Exchange

There’s a joy in the eyes of the One who calls us to carry a cross. Here stands before us the Man so poor and without splendor that though He was the Word from everlasting, He went unrecognized among men. … Read more

Trading Our Pain for Eternal Fellowship

Every heart knows pain, the inescapable culprit that reminds us of our broken, desperate state, and leaves us injured and in need of healing. The question is not if we will know pain, but rather, what will we do when … Read more

Love Stirred by an Aspen Tree

While in the heights of the Colorado mountains last week, I wrote… It was the smallest little aspen tree that just rebuked me, and took my heart by surprise by its soft scolding. As I watched it avail itself to … Read more

Unquenchable Love

I am struck this morning by the “why” behind intimacy with Jesus. Why has He given us access to know His heart in this way, why does He beckon us to know Him in His identity as the Bridegroom and … Read more

The Riches of our Nitty-gritty Poverty

I am thinking continually these last few days on our poverty, or our frailty, and how we must constantly live in the crucible of it. How we must not evade it, deny it or ignore it, but rather acknowledge and … Read more

Living Flame

This week I have found myself sideswept headlong into a pace and quiet I haven’t been in for a long while.  Without need to give the details, I have been sick and in bed all week…and my usual day-to-day life … Read more