The Story He is Writing

If there is one thing I love about loving the Lord, I love that for each of us, it is a personal story being written, a journey with highs and lows and seasons and pro- gressions. Every day is part … Read more

The Poverty of Parenting

Reviewing these days what I believe in the core of me…that truth which indeed delivered me: I am dark yet lovely (Song. 1:5). And this truth is finding its way into who I am as a parent.  I am not … Read more

Love Refined

The most precious love and the most costly is the love that is tested and found true. Words swelling with affection are no match for devotion proved by sacrifice. Jesus’ love for me was not kept secret; it did not … Read more

You have Searched Me — Psalm 139

The eyes of the Lord are ever upon those who fear Him and from the righteous He does not remove His gaze (Ps. 34:15; Job 36:7). Even now His eyes are set upon me, searching and knowing me to the … Read more

A Time to Mourn

We were made for a story and the human heart longs and yearns to play a deep and lasting role in a grand epic tale. Each of us not only wants to hear the story, we not only want to … Read more

Wordless Words of God in Bethlehem

What God has spoken about Himself in the face of the Christ-Child, the Baby in the manger, is true of Him from all eternity past, true of Him throughout His life in the First Coming, true of Him as He … Read more

Come Let Us Adore Him

Behold Him, born on a bleak night in the town of Bethlehem, on the outskirts of the city, in the dark and in the cold. There He lay in the manger, a baby so vulnerable, so little, so dependent and … Read more