Beholder of the Seeds

Sometimes, when the Lord speaks, we find ourselves thrown off by His words, taken aback at His forthrightness, and we are unable to reconcile His piercing words which incite trembling with the many kind words He’s spoken at other times … Read more

Meeting the Eyes of Tenacious Kindness

He came to me with those eyes again, and they pierced right through me. He came and shined His light on those subtle and even sometimes hidden fears and accusations that arise in times of weakness and become a shielding … Read more

The Great Exchange

There’s a joy in the eyes of the One who calls us to carry a cross. Here stands before us the Man so poor and without splendor that though He was the Word from everlasting, He went unrecognized among men. … Read more

Love Stirred by an Aspen Tree

While in the heights of the Colorado mountains last week, I wrote… It was the smallest little aspen tree that just rebuked me, and took my heart by surprise by its soft scolding. As I watched it avail itself to … Read more

A Time to Mourn

We were made for a story and the human heart longs and yearns to play a deep and lasting role in a grand epic tale. Each of us not only wants to hear the story, we not only want to … Read more

The Sacred Shadow of the Cross

For long centuries has the Cross of Christ been the most precious meditation of the saints and the myrrh of His sufferings been the powerful fragrance that lingers longest in the heart that considers Him. For me, even in these … Read more

Man of Sorrows Part Two

Jesus’ familiarity with suffering was deeply married to His foreignness to sin. When He who was Love incarnate stood amidst the crowds of His day, He was without sin and thus without the root system of pride and arrogance. When … Read more