The Resolution to Desire Him

The opening of the new year and the lingering quiet of January is always a sacred space to me. It’s a time to reflect and renew and recalibrate. And always at the top of my reflections and prayers for renewed fervor … Read more

When Our Extravagance Stings

Did that little girl from Bethany that was once in her twenties wake up one day in her thirties – or forties – with a tinge of regret? Shades of loss hanging over her like a storm cloud, for the … Read more

Epic Story. Highest Love. Heroic Lives.

We stood looking out into the golden setting sun – barely past our twentieth birthdays – our lives like spanned horizons themselves, waiting for dawning colors. “Unnecessary beauty,” I said. “He could have made the whole thing black and white! … Read more

To My Children: Run with All Your Heart!

The years sprawl out behind me, like an unfurled scroll of well-worn and tear-stained words – the times and seasons that were once my future – now my history. What was once a trembling question mark of what a burning … Read more

The Golden Strand that Changes Everything

He sits looking over the balcony, weaving as He watches. A golden strand in His hand, He weaves it into the garment as an eternal witness of this moment…this flash of time. Garments interwoven with gold (Ps. 45: 13, 14). … Read more

The Question that Measures Me

How much am I worth to you? This the question that He asks a thousand times in a thousand ways – both direct and indirect to every believer’s soul – and it sifts through me swiftly, weighing His worth within … Read more

All that Cools the Flame

Anything that cools the flames of love, John Wesley said, that is what ‘the world’ is. The little phrase has stayed with me all week. For in our approach to passages like the following, we often treat the world as … Read more