A Little About Me

Hi, I’m Dana. I live in Kansas City and am wife to the love of my life, Matt, and Mom of four amazing kids. Eighteen years ago, two young twenty-somethings met, fell in love and got married—all at a speed that still makes my heart race. Shortly after, we joined in on leading the beginnings of a small prayer meeting in south Kansas City, crying out to God in prayer and worship—a prayer meeting that soon went round the clock, 24/7—and is still going!

Fast forward eighteen years and four kids – and all the life that fills those words, and we’re still serving at the missions base of that prayer room, in both prayer and discipleship—with great joy. (And though no longer newlywed twenty-somethings, more in love than ever!).

Besides the wonderfully “full” that comes with days as a Mom of four children, my heart comes alive in my times of prayer leading on worship teams at the House of Prayer and in giving to people any potential perspective I’ve gained over the years in knowing and loving Jesus wholeheartededly and going deeper in a life of prayer. I love teaching students at the International House of Prayer University. Over the years I’ve taught various courses, including the Way of Intimacy, the Sermon on the Mount, the Song of Songs, the Life of Prayer, and more. I also love to write—since childhood, words on a page have always been the way I’ve found language in my times with Jesus. I’ve written three books: Deep unto DeepEntirety, and Mourning for the Bridegroom, and am a contributing author of The Rewards of Fasting by Mike Bickle.

Narrowed down, the passion of my heart is just Jesus. I want to help spread a passion for His beauty and see the Church grow into knowing and loving Him with their all.

I dream of my children being a part of a generation of passionate worshippers who offer their lives freely to Him, joining the songs of the nations in worship and prayer, until He comes again.

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  1. Hi Dana. We were referred to you by Bob Sorge. We are looking for a speaker for our worship and arts conference on Thursday August 23 and was wondering if this might be of interest to you. Our speaker dropped out due to injury and are looking for someone to speak on the topic of “fresh oil”. Might this be of interest to you. You can find out more about our conference at http://www.karitos.org. Bob is a friend of ours and has spoken at our 24 year old arts conference many times. If God tells both of us this is a good fit, we can pay for your travel and lodging, but the honorarium will only be about $500. You can e-mail me at zach@karitos.org if this is of interest to you. Thanks!

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