The Cure for Our Inconsistent Devotion

The jealousy that once left my  arguments speechless and my striving powerless has not changed, has not dwindled, has not diminished in the smallest degree. The cure of my sickness in my youth is the same cure decades later: to … Read more

Why First Love for Jesus is Strategic

We sat there on the floor facing one another in wonder, just taking each other in, it all hitting us in waves, simultaneously. When he finally spoke, it was only to confirm what our hearts and eyes had already been … Read more

Love Never Fails

Love covers. Where questions linger without answer and old misunderstandings remain cross-armed, love forges ahead with a covering, unthreatened by the gaps beneath (1 Pet. 4:8). Love does not wait for the seeing eye-to-eye or the final resolution before it … Read more

When Our Prayers Feel Barren

I went to tuck my daughter in last night and as I laid beside her in her bed, what I thought would just be a kiss-goodnight turned into one of those precious exchanges—when my little girl would open and spill … Read more